About Us

Hello, Welcome to TheSoundProofIdes.com

I’m an Engineer, professional Blogger who likes to share adventures with minimizing the noise at the home soundproofing.

I’ve been researching soundproofing for 2 or more years while soundproofing my studio and personal space and heard a lot about different soundproofing materials.

I thought that the folks like me are also trying to find the same on various websites, so I’ve concluded all information in the frequent window to split the successful solutions on soundproofing.

The supplied content is based on my understanding, study, and comprehension of audio engineering and the theory behind the sounds.

I’ve gone through different factors and examined what works best in which issue and goal is to minimize noise and undesirable noise from home.

This stage is purely created to assist those struggling with the soundproofing of home, Automated vehicles, and any noisy world difficulties.


Syed Tanjim